An initial session is our mutual opportunity to get to know each other a bit, though it could be said that we’ve made a connection on more subtle levels even before we schedule our first appointment!

I don’t have a set script, and the session can feel very conversational. Generally, though, I’m interested in your understanding of your present situation, how you came to be who and how you are in the present moment, how you experience and perceive yourself and your world, what (and who) matters to you, and from where/what/whom you derive strength and support.

Some questions you might consider, even before we meet, are:

What’s your interest in working with me? And why now?

What do you want to learn -- or unlearn -- about yourself?

Where and how do you get in your own way?

Are there traumas, losses, memories, limiting beliefs, habitual behavioral patterns, etc. that you can’t seem to release or move through?

Are you willing to take responsibility for your own growth and transformation?

Our first session is also your opportunity to ask me questions, get clarification, and share concerns. At the conclusion of our initial session, I’ll share with you my sense (and be interested in yours) of how we might continue working together as long as we both feel we are a good fit. If for whatever reason our working together doesn’t feel ‘right’ for either of us, I may be able to offer you some other directions to take to support you in your journey and meeting your goals.

Distance Sessions

Distance sessions are available and occur much like in-person sessions, though some additional preparation is needed on your end. Typically done via a video platform (similar to Skype but more secure and HIPAA-compliant), we’re interfacing through our laptops or tablets. Smartphones will not work as the video is very small. Whether we’re having a video or audio-only session, I ask that you:

  • Make time to ground and settle prior to the session.
  • Have a private, comfortable, quiet, and distraction-free space prepared for the session.
  • Be comfortably seated in a chair and where you can have your feet on the floor and your hands free.
  • Use earbuds.
  • Be sure your device and earbuds are working properly.

For video sessions:

  • Set up your device on a stable surface (not on your lap or being held in your hand during the session).
  • Be sure that at least your head and torso are visible. It is important for me to attend to your breathing, movement, grounding, etc.
  • Turn off your cell phone volume and vibrate mode and any email/messaging apps on your computer/tablet.

All modalities can be utilized in distance sessions, of course without the option for physical contact. The beauty of energy and working multidimensionally is that energy travels and resonates regardless of distance! I’ve found that for some sessions, especially those that are intuitive/spiritual/subtle energy healing sessions, audio-only is often more powerful than video. This bypasses the distraction and potential energy drain of attending to a video and enables me to attend and attune more clearly to dimensions beyond (that still include) the physical that will assist in your growth.

Meet Piper

Piper is a rescue from Tennessee, where she was found with her four male siblings. The second I held her, I knew we’d be taking a journey together! Still a puppy, her gifts and talents are emerging and taking form – not the least of which are her generosity of affection and love of cuddling. She has a playful and adventurous spirit, tempered by the skill of quiet observation and attending. Piper is a bundle of cosmic love in a body made of equal parts Beagle, Treeing Walker Coonhound, and Lab. She’s as much of a therapist and teacher as I’ll ever be!

In Loving Memory of Chelsea

July 15, 2010 - January 15, 2020.

Thank you, Chelsea. For rescuing me that Memorial Day weekend in Cleveland. You ran up to to me the day I moved into that shitty rental house near Punderson State Park. No one in the neighborhood claimed you. But you claimed me. I believe the Goddess knew my latitude and longitude at the very moment She zinged you into my world. And you never left my side for the nine years we had together. You were one of my greatest teachers and you're still teaching me. You were my faithful and forgiving co-pilot in every dimension of life. I always felt you brought more healing energy than I ever could into sessions with clients. They loved you - you were such a Light for all of us. I feel you in my heart, radiant and warm. And you didn't lose the fight against leukemia. You won. You left this world gracefully and with so many of us indelibly touched and changed by your presence. I wanted so many more years with you, my beautiful brown girl. But having nine with you in this crazy and heartbreaking and beautiful earth-walk is what we were given. You're my hero, Chelsea. Some days I don't know how I'll go on without you. But I'll try and I'll find a way. I know you'd want that for me. My heart is forever yours. Be free. Be the Big Love you are.

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