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Renee is offering remote sessions at this time. Please call or email to schedule. Stay tuned for online groups and classes.

Renee Jennings is an integrative, somatic and transpersonal therapist, energy healer, and teacher.

With nearly three decades of training and experience in the holistic healing and spiritual arts, her work bridges leading-edge, evidence-based psychological modalities with well-grounded mystical and shamanic practices for the transformation of individuals, couples, groups, organizations and, ultimately, planetary consciousness.

In addition to offering private sessions, Renee facilitates workshops, retreats, healing intensives, and trainings nationally, and she works internationally with clients, students, and consultees.

About Renee
Embodied Relational Gestalt

Guest Author in Embodied Relational Gestalt

An international selection of authors provide a detailed exploration of Gestalt as a somatic and relational practice. Covering many aspects of this relationship, the chapters include discussion of our relationships with nature, the role of Eros, energy in Taoism, affect and methods of practice. Both theoretical and practical application of an embodied relational approach to GT are presented, and many chapters include case studies from the contributors’ own work.

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