What is body-mind-spirit integration?

As the essence of my work, integration of the body, mind, and spirit is necessary for genuine healing and transformation to occur. This means that I’m interested in more than your thoughts and emotions. I’m interested in your experience of yourself – your whole being – as well as your experience of your environment. This includes what you experience in your body, how you experience your body, and what’s occurring with you energetically.

Illness and disease—or ‘dis-ease’—including loss of meaning in life, addiction, and many mental health diagnoses, are expressions of fragmentation, loss of energy/power, and disconnection. This leaves us held hostage to the past and the future, with very little of our self in the present moment. Body-Mind-Spirit Integration, therefore, is really the reintegration of these facets of our being into present time.  I offer, and naturally combine, a number of highly effective approaches and modalities to bring back ‘online’ the whole and healthy embodied S/self:

Health, wholeness, and our connection to Source can be restored and enriched, allowing for greater self-support, increased ability to adapt to one’s environment, more awareness of choice, enhanced creativity, intuition and meaning, and a deeper commitment to personal integrity.