reneeFACE-copyWith 25 years experience in the healing and spiritual arts, my work and I continue to evolve. What enriches my life and practice most deeply, beyond any education or training, is the vibrant presence of Spirit that is alive in every breath, every cell, every moment. Like many of my clients, I’ve had my own experiences of the shadow and ‘the dark night of the soul.’ It is all part of the journey. I have the deepest respect for the struggle and for the innate, original Intelligence that is within each of us, pulling us toward and into the Light.

In addition to working privately with clients, I have facilitated workshops, retreats and presentations at Esalen, The Ohio State University, The Gestalt of Cleveland, the Ohio NASW, Roads to Recovery, CWRU’s Mandel School, and the LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland. I’ve developed and currently teach the integral method of psychotherapy called Sensing and Repatterning™ and have been a meditation practitioner for over two decades. My work is informed by my own personal and spiritual journey, and reflects my belief that healing is a sacred and embodied experience, and that the purpose of life is to awaken.